Why is betting on fights interesting?

In English, the name of battles “MMA” was suggested by MMA founder Rick Bloom. In the form in which MMA is presented now, it was formed in the early 90’s, and by the middle of 90’s it received its professional status.
In 1993, the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship was founded. The name of this sports organization translates as the Absolute Fighting Championship, and it is located in Las Vegas. Nowadays, the promotion of mixed martial arts began with the initiative of the UFC. And it is her tournaments with enviable consistency that occupy the top of the most popular battles.
MMA is also called “battles without rules”, which is not entirely true. The rules still exist, and every year they become more stringent to make them more popular.

Mixed battles gradually developed, and bookmakers became more and more attentive to them. It all started with uncertain odds, modest bets and winnings. But gradually the excitement around the battles grew, fans of these martial arts became more and more, and bookmakers developed their position in the lines.

Types bet on fights

For the result.
The situation is similar to that in boxing: the choice of bets is not so great, so the bet is made on the victory of a player. No draw is almost non-existent, respectively, and bookmakers either do not make this offer at all or are accompanied by very high quotes. So if you do not see a draw in the line, take a look at the rules of a particular bookmaker and see how the bet will be calculated in the event of an unexpected draw.

On the total rounds.
This type of bet bookmakers offer if the battle involves fighters with more or less equal opportunities. When betting on the total number of rounds, you should take into account the duration of the round in a regular battle and in the title. Yes, a regular bout consists of three rounds of five minutes each. The title – five rounds, each lasting five minutes. This is essential for betting. The strategy in the bet should be chosen based on whether the participants of the match prefer the rack or work on the floor. The bookmaker’s rules must specify exactly how the number of rounds in a given bookmaker is determined. Basically count the round, which is completely completed, but sometimes it is different.

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For the early result of the battle.
This bet is considered one of the most common among bookmakers. The bet will be winning if the fight ends before the set number of rounds. An important point: the early end of the battle due to an injury received by one of the players can be assessed differently by different bookmakers. Some bookmakers return the money, but it is better to know in advance.

On the method of victory.
This rate takes into account different methods:
Early: knockout, technical knockout, voluntary surrender.
Wins at the end of the rounds: victory, draw by referee’s decision. For the latter, it is additionally stipulated whether the judge’s decision will be made unanimously or separately.
Such bets are usually made on title battles or any other, no less high-profile meetings. In this case, the list increases and may include a bid in any specifically selected round on the victory of the player or on the method of victory.
How to bet on fights correctly
Fighting without rules has its own characteristics, as in any other sport. Bookmakers take into account the specifics of sports and offer their odds based on them.

Rules of fights

It is necessary to begin studying the information on fighting while finding out what organization conducts them. Different organizations have their own rules and features of meetings. Studying the rules is a key point in forecasting, as the slightest nuance in combat can play a crucial role.

History of battles, the state of the players

For fights in almost all leagues identical gambling strategies are offered. This includes the classic bets: the number of victories, the number of battles and the like. But battles without rules have features that other types of wrestling do not have: the basis of each fighter’s technique is his own style of martial arts. The difference in style affects the conduct of the entire battle.
In addition, each player, as a rule, has its weaknesses – uncomfortable styles. For some, the transition to a partner is a failure, someone does not like working in a bar. They are often the cause of loss.
Given the high intensity of MMA battles, the endurance of the fighter becomes a very important condition for victory. Since this quality is more characteristic of younger athletes, accordingly, age becomes an advantage. At the same time, it is age that brings experience, which is also an advantage. Therefore, it is important to consider a set of factors that determine the physical shape of the fighter.
Correct assessment of the parameters of the fighter.
Participants in battle without rules are divided into categories according to their weight. In preparation for combat, a player must have the appropriate weight to perform in his weight category. This is also very important for the right bid.
For example, a boxer with less weight suddenly moves into a category with more weight a few months before the fight. This may be critical to victory. His opponent is more experienced in this weight category, knows his strength and his opponents, so he has a better chance of winning.

Fights bring something new to betting

To bet correctly, you need to know all the features of fights and the conditions important for victory. For a beginner you will need to get used to the rules of fighting gambling, and this requires time and a few lost fights.


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