Any positive results from fighting betting?

The fact that fighting is becoming more and more popular today exists in all types of battles, and professional players consider that it is impossible to regularly earn money on bids. Is this really so and how much you can earn in this way, we invite you to find out.

Features and secrets of online fights betting

To begin with, let’s get acquainted with battles and find out how the bets on them differ so much, which is not in other sports:

  • Different rules. There are many types of fights: boxing, wrestling, sumo, mixed martial arts – and these are just the main ones. Each has its own rules, and they may differ from tournament to tournament, and for successful wages you need to know all of them;
  • Few events. Perhaps, in each region, tournaments are held regularly, but bookmakers offer bids only on the largest fights, and they are held with long breaks;
  • Rating. In all types of martial arts, a rating of players is made, which helps to compare athletes both in general and in a separate weight category. In UFC combat sports, the promotion on its website forms the rating itself.

Combat betting strategies

To make money on martial arts, bid types must be used wisely. For this, professional gamblers use various strategies that allow you to catch a high coefficient, but risk less money.
Exact outcome betting strategy. The simplest strategy: analyze the battle and play on the fighter with the highest probability of winning.
Early win gambling strategy. We bet that one of the two players will win by knockout or in any other way, without waiting for the end of the battle.
Betting strategy against the favorite for separate rounds. We bet on the victory of the underdog, but not in the whole fight, but in a separate round.

Event selection and analysis

There are alot of kinds of fights, so there is not much to choose from: you can take the next battle in the kind of sport in which you understand.
Rating. First of all, look at the rating: the more skilled the athlete, the higher he will be.
Statistics. The indicators of recent battles against opponents will definitely be useful.
Fighting conditions. Athletes often get injured and go out to battle, not fully recovering from them.

Until you try it yourself, you won’t know

Many people like boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts – so they bet on their favorite athletes and try to guess the round in which their opponent will lie. And although for professional gamblers this is not the best choice for permanent earnings, it is still possible to get some money on major battles – follow our advice.


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