Is it true that betting on battles is very profitable?

It’s no secret for everyone that fighting is now not only a popular sport to watch but also an excellent way of earning money for gamblers. However, most people wonder what attracts players to this activity.

How to choose a bookmaker for fights betting

At the moment, any major bookmaker gives a line to battles. Meanwhile, many bookmakers limit themselves to gambling on the main outcomes of the match, and this is clearly not enough to fully bet on the discipline. Nevertheless, there are a number of Russian bookmakers where you could profitably place bets on battles.

How to do analytics on fights correctly

In order to regularly win in battle bids, you need to use various tricks, secrets and features, which we will tell you about below. Their knowledge will allow you to successfully bet.

Fighter style and base
Firstly, it is important to consider what base the opponents have. For example, one player was a successful player before joining mixed martial arts, and the other was a titled kickboxer.

Viewing battles and knowing strengths / weaknesses
Secondly, it is necessary at least sometimes to look through the highlights of top players and prospectuses in order to find someone who could bring you money on bids.

Weight category
Thirdly, consider the weight category in which the battle will take place. This will help you get rid of the illusion that a more popular player, not a heavier fighter, will win.

Other factors
There are also less large-scale, but not insignificant factors that can affect the outcome of the battle: age; motivation – career and financial; long-term downtime; injuries and general fitness.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on MMA

Like any sport, battles have specific features that could affect your wages as well. Moreover, this influence can be expressed both in a positive way and in a negative way.

  • Early announcements of fights.
  • Popularity.
  • High odds for underdogs.
  • Good potential in live-mode.


  • Low odds for favorites.
  • A fighter performs no more than two or three times a year.
  • Complexity of analytics.
  • Relatively high margin.
  • Rules for successful bets on fights

In order to win more often on bids at bookmakers, you need to adhere to an approximate set of rules that will help you to be in the black at a distance:

  • Don’t give in to public opinion.
  • Study your opponents.
  • Don’t use just one strategy.
  • Look for inside information.
  • Try your hand at live-mode.

Have accounts with several bookmakers at once.

Now, knowing all the pitfalls and adhering to simple rules and tips, you can easily become a professional in a short period of time and can earn big money on bets on fights.


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